The jaunting chronicles of a doctor!

  1. IMG_20170426_180837Hello fellow bloggers!

My name is Shivani and this is my first blog post. I am currently based in Meghalaya,India. Now being in a profession where we can’t afford to take long vacations ,both me and my husband try to make the most of the mini breaks from work. I am actually so lucky to be working here in this part of India which is itself called ‘Scotland of the East’..I can’t be writing enough about the Beauty of this region but will try my best..the pictures uploaded however will speak volumes themselves..hope that interested people will find it useful..the picture here is of a spectacular sunset at Umiam Lake..stay tuned guys for more information about breathtaking landscapes in and around Meghalaya as well as for many interesting stories from other parts of India!


Author: Dr.Shivani Rajguru

Doctor by profession. Music,dance,drama fanatic. Opportunistic traveller. Love exploring new cultures and meeting new people.

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