Kerala chronicles,how it all started..

I believe people who will be reading about my very fruitful stay of 8months in Kerala should first of all know how I landed in ‘God’s Own Country’ last year…

Just after I finished my internship in February’16, the most demanding and exhausting part of my career awaited me, called the postgraduate entrance preparations..for a young doctor the silhouette of this phase can be very very scary mostly because of the social pressure that comes as a filler with it. So, students after completing graduation either opt to serve the state bond in a rural area to be eligible for the state pg seats..or choose to go to Delhi or Kerala to prepare for the impending test. Now, by the end of my internship I observed that each and every one of my friends lives were so damn sorted out, they knew for sure what they wanted to do next. As the zero hour approached I asked myself the same question and to be frank I might have been the most confused being existing on the face of the planet at that moment.Three factors probably had been crucial in shaping my decision to leave for Kerala immediately after internship..first being that I did not want to do what everyone else was doing, second my family and my boyfriend( whom I married recently) did not want me to take a risk or do something oddball, and third and the most important being my spontaneous temperament. Whatever might have ushered me into making the decision..I am so thankful that I landed in a place that gifted me wonderful life lessons..Kerala has been a wonderful break and a learning experience before I assimilated back into my natural the coming days I will be writing in detail everything about Kerala that I saw n learnt..I am sure fellow bloggers will find it helpful..till then..have a good time people!